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Become effective in life and your work. Learn from ancient philosophers and modern science what is needed to be most effective.

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Business Management for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Sheepdog is an Business Management System that is focused on Decision and Action. We apply John Boyd's OODA Loop to the application of Life and Work with the end goal getting to your Vision faster.

  • OODA

    John Boyd's OODA Loop is a decision making framework that was first applied to Airplane Dogfights. However, it is also applicable to life and business where the goal is to Win. Sheepdog applies the OODA Loop to all aspects of the business so you can out execute your competition.

  • Automation

    Automate tasks over time. Not all automation has to be 100% machine or 100% human we can create processes and strategies that allow us to grow our business without a overhead and increase revenue.

  • Out Execute

    Move faster and faster and trounce you competitors, make your customers happy, and get the resources you need when you need it.

Sheepdog: A Framework for Action in Life and Work

Our book defines what you need to do to organize your life for action.

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