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Everything we do is tied around the following Five Principles. We live and breathe these principles.

  • Hacker Ethos

    Learn Broadly, Share Knowledge, Teach, Follow the Unix Way and Keep Things Simple and Composable.

  • Long-Term Thinking

    Think Long-Term by Playing the Games With the Rules in Our Favor, Reinvesting to Grow, Becoming Anti-Fragile, and Capturing Paradigm Shifts.

  • People, Ideas, Technology. In That Order.

    Empower People First By Creating Safety and Expecting High Standards. Decide on Ideas to Execute via Critical Thinking. Pick and Create Technology That Empower People, Test and Validate before Embedding Completely.

  • OODA

    Use John Boyd's Observe-Orient-Decide-Act Loop to Execute All Decisions. The Organization Needs to Find a Variable Tempo to Run This Under.

  • Spartan

    Be Austere, Develop Our Minds and Bodies, Achieve More With Less, Team Before Individual, and Seek Self-Mastery.

Products & Services

Our Products and Services are Build for People to Stand On. We Empower People to Move Faster and Do This With the Competitive Strategy of Being Broad Market and Being The Lowest Cost Provider.

Philosophy, Organization & Decision Engine

The first product we are building is Our Philosphy, Organization, and Decision Engine. We want to get these three things right. Everything we build, the people we bring on, the way we act are all based off these things.

Kubernetes Migration as a Service

Migrate legacy infrastructures to Kubernetes while ensuring PCI / SOC2 / HIPAA compliance. We want to migrate companies to reduce idle servers, increase development time, and allowing companies to move quickly.

Assembly Line for Code With an Elastic Workforce

Build WebApps, Mobile Apps, APIs and Automations using an Elastic Workforce. We create a standardized workflow and code standard allowing us to quickly create new applications quickly.

Startup Sonoma County
Best Place to Work in Santa Rosa, CA

Coworking space in Santa Rosa, CA looking to create a Startup Ecosystem outside of the Bay Area.

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