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Learn to be an Effective Entrepreneur and Avoid Common Mistakes and Make Better Decisions.

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Use the Sheepdog App to Design Your Strategy, Empower Your People, and Manage Your Projects using the OODA Loop.

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Strategy, People, Projects

Build an effective Strategy that allows you to build the right thing for the right customers, while empowering your team to build amazing things. All of this is executed using the OODA Loop.

  • Pods

    Create an Autonomous, "Two-Pizza" Team that executes independently. Reduce the amount of communication and ensure that your team stands by each other.

  • Vision and Strategy

    Build a Long-Term Vision for your organization that people can rally around, figure out the strategy you are going to use to win.

  • People

    Ensure that your Team is happy and is working towards the same goal. Share Objectives and Key Results, 1:1 Feedback, and more while ensuring that your team is being challenged and improving. Send work to the Gig Economy directly in the app.

  • OODA

    The Observe-Orient-Decide-Act Loop ensures that you are tracking and moving rapidly towards your Vision while ensuring you are learning from your mistakes, ensuring you are working on the right projects, and that your business model is evolving.

  • Automations

    Use Automations to create Stories, execute Code, and run Crowdsourcing workflows. Ensure your business becomes more efficient over time.

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