Sheepdog: The Way of Action

Sheepdog is a Way of Action. It is everything I learned about how to execute your life vision. I hope it fulfills a couple different purposes.

  1. It is my collection of thoughts, readings, and notes put into an ever-evolving book and mini-books that will explain how to get things done for life or work. The book incorporates ideas from ancient philosophers, modern psychology and science, contemporary management theories, sound engineering practices, and deep dive into successful businesses of the 21st century.
  2. It is a way for me to externalize a considerable portion of my brain and energy into an app that is structured around how I make decisions. The app is a way to execute quickly on the problems that I want to solve and structured to also incorporate the Gig economy, the Cloud, and AI.


The goal is to move big projects using as few resources as possible while also increasing success in life and work. Some of the goals I have in my mind are the following:

  • It should lead the way for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 by incorporating the Gig Economy, using Serverless technologies and applying AI. Additionally, it should be able to jump between each of these seamlessly and without much overhead.
  • I want to make people who are using Sheepdog become better and happier and achieve their goals. So the app and texts won’t just be about work but also how to make yourself better be able to do your job.
  • Sheepdog will not focus on short-form blogs. The content of Sheepdog will long-form articles and books. Further, every piece of content is never done but is constantly evolving. This evolution happens as new information is gathered, new research is found, and as I learn new things that make me happy and interested. If you want short-form blogs that will eventually make their way into Sheepdog, please check out


Sheepdog is definitive, it will use research and cite modern research for everything we do. It will incorporate things that have been put into practice and tested to work. It will focus on high-value things, not things that are of little value or no value. Those will be left out.

Abhi Yerra

Abhi Yerra is an engineer, entrepreneur and wanna be writer. He studied History at University of California, Berkeley and now runs a DevOps agency called opsZero.