Sheepdog Coach

The Coach is your COO. They take a 360 of your company and help you make the correct decisions to advance towards your Vision. The Coach helps you optimize your OODA Loop and helps you optimize all parts of your business.

The Coach guides you in getting the correct things done for your business and helping you prove out your business model. Starting a business is hard so work with a Coach who has build one before.

  • Setup the Business Model Canvas
  • Setup OKRs
  • Organize and Lead Weekly Sprint Planning
  • Design Automations
  • Gather Retrospectives and Feedback
  • Design Job Positions
  • Setup And Organize Stories
  • Help Resolve Impediments
  • Setup Crowd tasks

Why a Coach?

A business has a lot of moving parts and each needs to be running smoothly to ensure that tasks are getting done and there are no bottlenecks. A Coach works with you to ensure all aspects of your business are running smoothly and that Systems and Procedures are in place so you can scale your organization without burnout.

The Coach doesn’t do the work for you but will help take the ideas out of your mind and make them into processes that can then be done by Assistants and Workers.

How does a Coach work?

Your Coach is embedded within your organization and they get updated whenever anything changes within your Workspace.

They can use this to better address your needs.

The Coach works on the What for you while you work on the Why.