The Sheepdog Community

The Sheepdog Community is a digital space for people to work with others to execute the Strategy Towards Your Vision. The community is focused on Action. Every Tuesday, we create our Weekly Sprint Plan as a community and execute the rest of the week.

Why Join Us?

Join us if you want to get things done, not obsess over productivity but by taking clear concrete actions that lead to:

  • Rapid Learning
  • Reduced Impediments
  • High-Tempo, High-Velocity Action


We have a strict weekly schedule that we follow. Every person plans their week on Tuesdays. Wednesdays are Sprint Start Days which includes updating your calendar, setting up meetings and starting work. Rest of the week is you working. 

The end of the month we have monthly OKRs that we setup to follow our Quarterly OKRs.


Sprint Planning / All Day


First Action / 15 Minutes


  • Setup Meetings
  • Emails
  • First Action

Monthly and Quarterly

Objectives and Key Results Planning


$10 per month

  • Slack / Directory
  • Community
  • Weekly Sprint Planning
  • Monthly and Quarterly Objectives and Key Results Planning

Become a Member 

Community Guidelines

  • Plan for Action
    • This is not a community for dilly-dallying.
    • Every person must have clear Objectives and Key Results that they want to attain. And most importantly reach them.
    • People who do not take action for more than 2-3 weeks will be kicked out.
  • Aim for High-Tempo, High-Velocity Action
    • Simplify and Execute Towards Your Goal
    • Apply 80/20
  • Candor
    • Speak candidly
    • No personal attacks allowed. You will be kicked out after 2nd warning.
  • Invite Likeminded People
    • Bring people to the community who have a similar high drive to achieve.
    • Every Sprint try bringing along one person.





Startup Sonoma County

120 D St. Santa Rosa, CA

[email protected]