Sheepdog was created with the idea that it mixes the Gig Economy, Cloud and AI all together to get your Vision completed faster. Quickly create Job Posts on Upwork and other freelancer sites so you can get your work done and have it tracked in one spot. The Assistant can be used with Automations or can be assigned to a Story.


Sheepdog also provides an interface for the Crowd. This is an interface to Mechanical Turk that allows you to get tasks done cheaply and at scale such as cleaning up your data.

Some examples of these kinds of tasks are:

  • Cleaning up Lead Lists
  • Finding Email Information
  • Building Prospect Lists


As you are using Sheepdog the AI seamlessly works behind the scene to help you get more done. It is works to advance the tasks that you want to complete.

Relevant Stories

Strategy and Game Theory



Work needs to be both automated and done by people. The Automations

Use the Cloud including Docker, Serverless and REST to do more. Use computation to get more things done quickly.