Core Features

Sheepdog uses gamification to get more tasks done. It combines a couple different methodologies together including John Boyd’s OODA Loop, Scrum, Kanban and things taken from behavioral economics to make your Vision come true with less work and more fun and repeatability.


John Boyd was a fighter pilot who changed the nature of Warfare by creating the methodology used to understand and get within the enemy’s feedback loop.

This OODA Loop is the core of our system. You basically cycle through this Loop every time iterating to improve your position and getting inside the loop of your competitors to move faster than they can.

Each part is responsible for a different arena which we go into in the book. However, this is the TL;DR:




We use Sprints to


Business Model Canvas


Sheepdog: OODA Loop

We need to be aware of a rapidly evolving and changing marketplace and that means having observations that we use to make the right choice moving forward. We need a way to rapidly gain inputs from the world and make rapid firing decisions based on the changes.


  • Competitors
  • Partners
  • Technology
  • Social
  • Moral landscape
  • Political
  • Changing trends
  • Questions
  • Impediments
  • Retrospectives


  • Lean Canvas
    • All Items
  • Update Sprints
  • Strategy
  • Customer Development
  • Projects
  • Experiments


  • Learn Canvas
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  • All OKRs
  • All Stories
  • All Sprints
  • All Positions
  • All Tools
  • Resources
  • All Impediments


  • All Impediments
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  • Active Stories with Procedures